Integral Blinds - Innovative and Unobtrusive with that real WOW factor

Sealed glass units incorporating integral blinds are the perfect glazing option when an unobtrusive blind is needed while adding that wow factor to your new windows and doors. Our Blind System are can be used in garden rooms, conservatories and multi-folding doors, aswell as windows and patio doors. Infact thay can be used in all our products using standard 28mm unit.

Venetian blinds inside a double glazed unit

How do they work?

Our Venetian integral blinds are totally enclosed inside the cavity of our high performance insulating glass sealed units, making them dust, allergy, & maintenance free. They do not interfere with the operation of the windows or doors and are easily colour coordinated with the window or door it's installed into to provide a seamless elegant finish. The blinds are opened, closed and tilted using innovative but simple sliding controls that control concealled rotational magnets. Therefore the units are kept hermetically sealed, are easy to use and virtually impossible to damage.

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